About the DTK Building

1. The Building Structure

DTK includes 39 residential floors and one floor of underground parking.

Floors 7-39

  • Fourteen Residential Units Per Floor

Floor 6

  • Fitness Centre
  • Yoga Room
  • Party Room
  • Roof Top Terrace
  • Eleven Residential Units

Floor 5

  • Enclosed Parking
  • Parking Units P5-001 to P5-040
  • Lockers L5-031 to L5-080
  • Roof Top Terrace 
  • Community Garden
  • Dog Park

Floor 4

  • Enclosed Parking 
  • Parking Units P4-001 to P4-047
  • Lockers L4-038 to L4-091
  • Seven Residential Unites

Floor 3

  • Enclosed Parking 
  • Parking Units P3-001 to P3-047
  • Lockers L3-038 to L3-091
  • Seven Residential Units

Floor 2

  • Enclosed Parking
  • Parking Units P2-001 to P2-038
  • Lockers L2-028 to L2-086
  • Seven Residential Units

Floor 1

  • Main Lobby
  • Street Facing Commercial Units
  • Access To Pick-up/Drop-off area
  • Mail Room
  • Primary Elevator Access
  • Two Guest Parking Spots


  • Underground Parking
  • Parking Units P1-001 to P1-053
  • Lockers L1-031 to L1-102

2. Parking Locations

DTK Condos includes five levels of Residential Parking. 

There is one floor of below ground Residential Parking followed by four additional floors of enclosed, above ground Residential Parking. 

The above ground Residential Parking spaces are enclosed by a large parking garage door and can only be accessed by building occupants. Electronic key fobs are provided to those occupants who secured parking so they may access their assigned parking space. 

While above ground, all levels of parking are fully enclosed and inaccessible to non-building occupants. 

3. Storage Locker Locations

Similar to parking, DTK Condos includes five levels of Residential Storage Lockers. DTK offers two types of storage locker.

  1. Standard Storage Locker
  2. Combination Parking + Locker

Standard Storage Lockers are located between P1 and Floor 5 (L5). These are pretty typical cage style lockers. Each one is approximately 3 feet deep by 4.5 feet wide. Standard Lockers will typically be located in locker rooms with many other lockers of the same size. Each locker room is accessible by fob or door entry code. These fobs and codes are only provided to building occupants who rent or own Standard Lockers. 

Combination Parking Lockers are located at the end of a building occupant’s parking space. These spaces may vary in size, but are approximately 3 feet deep while sharing the same with of the coinciding parking space. 

Parking cannot be rented by a Tenant who did not rent a parking spot as part of their original lease agreement. Parking spaces can only be provided and rented to Tenants who rent from Suite Owners who also own a parking space. 

Tenants are free and able to privately sublease parking spaces should they choose to other building occupants. Tenants cannot sublease parking spaces to non building occupants. 

4. Condo Boards & Rules

Unlike some others rental locations in Kitchener Waterloo, DTK Condos is a registered condominium. This means that Residential Suites could be occupied by either Tenants or Owner Occupants, that there are specific condo rules and regulations that all must abide, that the building will be represented by an elected  group of Suite Owners as their board of directors, and that the board of directors will work closely with a property management company to complete various items or uphold unique bylaws within the building. 

5. Property Management

Hello Management is not the only management group working within this location. Onyx Property Management will work as the property management company for DTK Condos. 

Hello Management represents the specific person who owns your suite. It is our role to assist Tenants and coordinate repairs or other such similar items within your suite. Hello Management cannot provide assistance for items or concerns outside of the suite. 

Onyx will manage the common elements and structure of the building. This includes the suite entry doors, hallways, elevators, all amenity spaces, the lobby, the entry doors, fob systems, and concierge. 

If a Tenants requires assistance related to the common elements, they may choose to contact Hello Management for insight or assistance in contacting Onyx Property Management. 

6. Lobby Concierge

DTK Condos is proud to include a front lobby customer service representative. 

The DTK Concierge will be located in the main lobby of DTK condos during regular office hours. The Concierge can assist with lock-outs, provide access to suites for scheduled contractors or technicians, monitor security cameras, report suspicious activity, and collect Tenant packages or deliveries. 

By including a concierge, DTK Condos is adding a unique administrative member as well as increasing the overall security and comfort within the building. 

7. 1-Valet

In addition to an on-site concierge, DTK Condos also provides access to a virtual concierge system. 

1-Valet has provided some youtube videos on how to work their features. 

Resident FAQ Ep.1 – Onboarding: Click Here

Setting Up Facial Entry: Click Here

Video Calling: Click Here

Sending Guest Invitations: Click Here

Booking Amenities (overnight parking example): Click Here

Booking Amenities (meeting room example): Click Here

About Your Suite

1. Blinds And Window Coverings

New Tenants of DTK Condos should take note that a majority of suites do not include blinds or window coverings and that these items are not included within the lease agreement. 

Tenants who would like to include blinds or window coverings can submit a request using the work request submission form located on the Resident Services page of the DTK Condos website. 

The Tenant’s request will be reviewed by the Hello Management office and then forwarded to the Suite Owner with our suggestions. The Suite Owner will then be able to decide on if, how and at what cost they may include window coverings for the Tenant. Suite Owners may choose to not include window coverings and insist the Tenant provide their own window coverings. 

In such situations where the Suite Owner requests the Tenants source their own window coverings, Hello Management will then provide a list of local vendors to the Tenant for their review. All window coverings must be white and uniform with all other window coverings used at this location. Suggested vendors will be provided to Tenants. 

2. Water Alarms

Water alarms offer dependable protection notifying you if there is a broken water pipe, water heater leak, laundry tub spill over or washing machine overflow.

These are easy to use by placing on the floor or hanging and placing the sensor wherever there is a risk of water damage.

3. Smart Home Package

All suites will be equipped with smart home technology pre-installed. These packages include:

  • Smart Lock
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Light Switches

4. Appliances

Each suite will include all major appliances in stainless steel including: 

  • Fridge included 
  • Stove included
  • Microwave included
  • Dishwasher included
  • Washer / Dryer included

What To Do If You’re Locked Out OF Your Suite

There is nothing worse than forgetting your keys or being locked out of your suite. Luckily, DTK Tenants have two unique options when these accidents happen. 

Alfred Locks
All DTK Condos include a smart Alfred branded lock. We encourage all Tenants to please review the Alfred user manual included within their lease agreement to create their own unique keyless door code as well as program their mobile device to lock and unlock their door remotely. 

The Concierge
If you’ve locked yourself out, lost your keys, forgotten your keyless door code and lost your phone, then we encourage you to please visit the concierge located in the building lobby. 

The concierge will be able to assist in unlocking your door once they have confirmed your identity. 

First Month Rent Payments

Hello From DTK and Hello Management! 

The Hello Management Office has experienced some minor delays in completing the Tenant Online Payment Portal offered through RentCafe. 

Our office will provide an update to all new Tenants once this service is active. This webpage will also be updated once this service is active. Should this service not be arranged by the end of October 2022, then our office will begin to contact Tenants and receive permission to transact their first months rent amount through either direct debit or credit card forms. 


It’s important that all future Tenants complete payment for their first month of rent. Many new Tenants / Applicants have paid their last month rent deposit and key deposits, but as a friendly reminder – first month rent is due no later than the date you collect your keys. 

Review the steps below to learn more about paying your first month rent amount online through your new Tenant Portal – RentCafe

Step 1

Login to RentCafe by using your email and password 

The email MUST be the same as the email you provided when signing your lease. If you are in a 2-bedroom suite, then this will be the email used by the primary lease holder (normally the first person listed on the lease in room 1) 

Step 2

Under the ‘Payments” tab, select PAY NOW

Please make sure you first register a payment account or debit card with RentCafe

Step 3

Remember to make sure you have enough funds in your account to complete the payment. If you do not have enough in your account, you may receive an NSF fee and have to complete the payment again in the future. 

To make a payment with a bank account, there is a $0.95 fee per transaction.

To make a payment with a debit card, there is a 0.75% service fee per transaction.

To make a payment with a credit card, there is a 1.175% service fee per transaction.

All transaction fees are collected by RentCafe and are not provided to Hello Management. 

Please click the box stating you accept the payment and then click ‘Submit Payment’ 


Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email from RentCafe. 

Please send or forward this confirmation email to help@hellomanagement.ca 

Please specify your suite number within the forwarded message. 

– Thank you! 


Welcome to DTK, Kitchener Waterloo’s best new condo in the heart of Downtown Kitchener. 

Here is a quick list of everything you need to know about DTK condos:

1. Location

This is a 39 story tall rental condo comprising 494 residential units located at the corner of Duke and Frederick Street in the heart of downtown Kitchener. This location also includes:

  • 9 commercial rental units located on the ground floor supporting new restaurants and shops
  • Fitness centre, yoga room, games room / lounge, rooftop garden, rooftop dog walking space

2. Rentals

All suites are unfurnished. There is a selection of 1-bedroom, 1-bedroom+den, and two-bedroom suite styles available. Each suite will include major utilities within the monthly rental rate:

  • Heat + Cooling included
  • Water included
  • Internet included

Hydro will be an additional cost to the Tenant, but our rental team will be able to walk you through the hydro registration process.

Leases are scheduled to begin fall 2022. Lease dates will be based on the floor and suite rented by the Tenant with higher floors moving in a few days later than lower floors. Specific move-in dates will be determined after June 1st, 2022.

3. Smart Home

All suites will be equipped with smart home technology pre-installed and will include: 

  • Smart lock included
  • Smart thermostat included
  • Smart light switches included

Tenants will be able to add their own smart devices to their DTK smart home ecosystem to further expand their smart home experience.

4. Appliances

Each suite will include all major appliances in stainless steel including: 

  • Fridge included 
  • Stove included
  • Microwave included
  • Dishwasher included
  • Washer / Dryer included

5. Finishes

Suites will have one of two different colour pallets (light theme or dark theme). The colour pallets will determine the colour of the flooring and cabinetry. A majority of suites are light themed, but plenty of dark themed suites are available on every floor. 

All suites include modern new cabinetry, wide panelled hardwood-styled laminate flooring, quartz countertops and all appliances will be stainless steel.

6. Parking

There are five stories of parking within this location. Parking rent is not included within the base monthly rental price. Parking rent prices will be provided during the rental season – just message our office and discuss parking rental rates with one of our rental team members for assistance.

Living 39 Stories Tall

Hi From DTK!

Welcome to DTK, Kitchener-Waterloo’s newest and tallest condo development standing 39 stories tall. 

Like many others I’ve lived in my fair share of basement apartments or lowrise condos. While there’s nothing wrong with living close to the ground floor, I’ve always wanted to live my best life with a great view. 

For years KW just didn’t have much to offer in the way of high-rise condos, but now’s our chance to rent a brand new condo with one-of-a-kind views. Here are my top 5 reasons for renting a sky-high DTK condo:

1. The Views

I have to admit this is a pretty obvious first reason, but who can blame me. I’ve been to the top of this building and I can absolutely without a doubt say that the views from floor 39 are incredible! Check them out for yourself.

2. Less Street Noise

Just because you live downtown doesn’t mean you need to hear downtown. Living the high life comes with the benefit of less noise from both foot and vehicle traffic. You’ll be able to enjoy your morning cup of coffee from the comfort of your 39th floor balcony without the added noise of morning commuters. 

3. More Sunshine + Natural Light

Living on the top floor could give you a rosy glow and help you better regulate the temperature in your new condo. Living on the top floor gives you added height and more exposure to natural sunlight and breezes. Greater sunlight can help to add additional warmth during cool days, while opening a window can invite natural higher breezes into your home to help cool everything down. 

4. Increased Security

Don’t get me wrong, this building is brand new and super secure with on-site concierge and staffing, but security is always something to keep in mind when renting any condo or apartment in any city, and higher floors are generally more secure than others. Taller condo buildings are typically targeted less than low rise apartments due to their additional security and difficult access. I doubt we will see a burglar with a 39 story tall ladder anytime soon, and even the stealthiest of ninjas would struggle dodging security cameras up and down 39 stories.

5. Fewer Pests

 Living on the top floor means fewer visits from unwanted pests and critters. Bugs and other pests typically live in or on the ground outside, so they’re more likely to visit ground or below ground floor apartments. Living in DTK means you’re 39 stories further away from tiny unwanted guests.

New + Modern

Welcome to DTK, Kitchener-Waterloo’s newest condo with stylish new modern finishes. 

I’ve lived in lots of different places, and stayed in my fair share of hotels and AirBNB’s. I’ve bunked in hostels, camped under the stars, slept in boats, snoozed on trains and tried to catch some shut-eye in the middle seat of economy more than a few times. After each of these unique stays, some short and others long, I can positively say that there is nothing better than coming home and living in something that’s brand new. 

DTK condos is just that – a brand new condo in the heart of downtown with modern finishes and amenities. Here are my top 5 reasons to rent a new modern DTK condo:

1. Smart Home Tech Package

Unique to DTK, each new DTK condo will include a brand new Smart Home tech package. This includes a smart lock, smart thermostat and smart hub. Use the devices provided to provide door codes, schedule temperatures remotely or tether new additional products to your smart hub and expand your new smart home. There are limitless options available within the ever expanding smart home industry, and all are yours to discover with DTK.

2. Floor To Ceiling Windows

You’re living the high life, as high as 39 stories tall, and massive floor to ceiling windows help soak your new condo in bursts of natural light. All this new natural light will help to brighten your condo while also making your new condo feel much larger. 

3. New Modern Flooring

 Maybe you have a pet, or perhaps you’re just prone to dropping things, either way there’s less to worry about with the flooring installed in DTK condos. All DTK condos include modern extra wide laminate strip flooring made to look and feel like hardwood, while being durable enough to withstand scuffs and scrapes.

4. Stylish Cabinets + Quartz Counters

Sleek and modern designed with hard crisp edges and distinctive color schemes, each DTK condo includes brand new Scandinavian inspired kitchen cabinetry. Why settle for renting an old apartment with dated stylings when you can rent a brand new condo with modern finishes and by the envy of your friend group

5. On Site Amenities

DTK is chalk filled with brand new amenities including: fitness centre, separate yoga room, rooftop patio and garden, rooftop dog walking space, storage lockers, enclosed garage, new sleek lobby, and access to brand new ground floor stores and restaurants. While you’re living in the heart of downtown, truly you won’t even need to leave your building to access all the important community amenities you typically look for or pay for separately to your rent.

Your New Smart Home

Hi from DTK!

Welcome to DTK, the only rental condo in Downtown Kitchener which includes a full Smart Home Tech Package.

Have you ever lost your apartment keys, wanted to track and schedule your climate control, thought about buying smart lights or other smart home devices? Well, DTK condos offers a smart home solution to all renters. Here are my top 5 reasons to rent a DTK condo:

1. Smart Entry Lock

Misplaced your keys and locked out late at night?
No problem
Each DTK condo will include a pre-installed smart lock solution by Alfred. With an Alfred smart lock provides both keyed and key-pad login options as well as bluetooth enabled ‘one-touch’ access allowing Tenants to unlock their door by simply touching the lock while your phone is nearby. 

  • Assign up to 20 unique PIN codes 
  • Connect via bluetooth to the smart home app 
  • Status indicator lights
  • Voice prompts in multiple languages
  • Privacy mode

2. Smart Thermostat

 Program the temperature in your suite in person or remotely with Honeywell’s smart thermostat.

  • Large touchscreen display
  • Compatible with Z-Wave controls
  • Schedule temperature changes
  • Remote control temperature access

3. Smart Light Switches

Schedule your lighting preferences, control lighting from your home or smart hub with GE Smart light switches.

  • ZWave and ZWave Plus support
  • Compatible with LED, CFL, incandescent, halogen, fans, motors
  • On off control (no dimming)
  • New SimpleWire auto detection of load/line wiring
  • New QuickFit 20% more shallow package
  • Rated 120VAC, max 960W incandescent, 1/2HP motor, 1800W/15A resistive 
  • Neutral wire connection required
  • White paddle installed, light almond change paddle included

4. Smart Home Hub

Compatible with various WiFI products, tether together your smart devices within one central hub to help all your devices connect and work together 

  • Tether smart devices to one central device
  • Voice control your smart devices
  • Compatible with several WiFi product types 

5. Internet

Receive lightning fast internet included within your DTK rental through Rogers. 

  • Unlimited High Speed Internet 
  • 1G Download / 750 Mbps Upload
  • Ignite WiFi Gateway 
  • 24/7 Tenant customer support

6. Smart Concierge

Grant access to your suite, receive packages, update your intercom, and more by accessing your concierge app offered through 1Valet

  • Video Intercom
  • Package Delivery
  • Suite Access Control