Elevator Scheduling

Hello From DTK and Hello Management!

With there being a limited number of elevators available, and so many new Tenants, our office must limit elevator access to just 2-hours per suite.

Elevator times can be scheduled within specified hours available on the provided scheduling software links emailed to each Tenant.  Scheduling will be completed by using Koalendar (example image on this page). Koalendar bookings can also sync with your google or apple calendars for helpful reminders.

Typically elevator times will be reserved 8-hours per day by our office to assist new Tenants moving into their suites.

The building does include a total of four elevators.
This fourth elevator will not be placed on service or used for new Tenants moving into the building. Rather, this fourth elevator will be used for all others living and working within the building so that all current Tenants may also use an elevator when entering / exiting the building.

This fourth elevator may also be occasionally used by maintenance staff or the builder’s staff. Please be mindful of such contractors and their tools should the elevators be used by these members from time to time.

Tenants who are not able to schedule their move-in within the provided time slots, or who cannot complete their move-in within the provided time slots, may use the elevators either before or after others have completed their scheduled move-in times for that day.

We cannot permit the scheduling of multiple or longer time slots per suite. Should multiple time slots be scheduled by a Tenant, our office will remove the additional scheduled times to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to move items into their suite.

Tenants are free and able to collect keys and access their suite as early as their lease start date. Tenants may have a lease start date that is earlier than their elevator time. Tenants can use elevators outside of the daily 8-hour period of time, where others have reserved elevator times, to items into their suite as needed. Tenants may then choose to wait until their scheduled elevator time to move-in larger objects, but again, still occupy their suite before their scheduled elevator time for these larger items.