Renter’s Insurance

Hello From DTK and Hello Management!

Friendly reminder – all Tenants must provide proof of having obtained renters insurance before collecting their keys on move-in day.

This is a requirement included within your lease agreement.

Renters insurance, also known as either content insurance or tenant insurance, must be secured by the Tenant each year of their occupancy. We require that the Tenant secure insurance from a third party insurance provider, and then provide proof of having obtained insurance to our office.

Our office is not an insurance provider and cannot provide insurance policies. All major insurance brokers will offer some form of renters insurance.

Our office does not require a copy of your insurance policy. We simply require an email confirmation or similar sent from your insurance provider to yourself. A majority of insurance providers will send Tenants a confirmation email, we simply require that you forward such email to our office once received. This information can be emailed to

Requirements within the policy:
– The policy must include a minimum $2,000,000 in liability coverage
– The policy must include a minimum $25,000 in content coverage

Questions related to this topic can be sent to

Thank you

How to Collect Your Keys

Hello From DTK and Hello Management!

Please review the steps included below to learn how to collect keys on your move-in day.

Reminder – please remember to pay for your first month rent before your move-in day. Also, please remember to schedule your elevator time before your move-in day. We will not be able to provide elevator access to those who did not schedule elevator times.

Step 1

On your move-in day, you will be able to enter the above ground parking lot. The entrance is facing Frederick Street.

Step 2

If you arrive a little before your move-in time, please park your vehicle in either of the 2 available parking spots highlighted red on this image.

Limit 1-vehicle per suite.
Please keep in mind that there may be a total of Three Tenants moving into their suite at the same time. We are limited in providing only 2 parking spots for those who are waiting to collect keys. On-site staff will be there to assist as needed should questions or requests occur related to parking on your move-in day. 

Step 5

When you receive your keys and check-in at the desk you will be assigned one of three elevators marked blue.

Each Tenant will be provided an elevator key to place their assigned elevator on service. You can then use this assigned elevator to begin moving in your items.

Elevators will be recalled and brought back to the ground floor by on-site staff once your move-in time has expired.

When your time has expired, or you no longer require use of the elevators, you can return the key to the on-site staff located in the main lobby.

Tenants who lose the elevator key will have the cost of the elevator key deducted from their provided key deposit. Key deposits will then need to be repaid in full by the Tenant. Elevator keys are valued at $200 each. 

Internet Setup

Hello From DTK and Hello Management!

Friendly reminder – all suites located at DTK condos will include high-speed internet within the monthly rent, but the internet account must be coordinated by the Tenant.

To activate your service, contact the dedicated Rogers Customer Care Team: 1-855-759-5856

You will be asked to create an account through Rogers internet.
When creating your account, please include the address as your new suite. All suite numbers at this location will have pre-paid internet services. Tenants will still receive monthly bills from Rogers where the internet services equals to $0 / month. This service will be paid-for on behalf of the Tenant during the entirety of their lease agreement.

Additional services such as TV or home phones will be billed to the Tenant. These additional items are not included within the paid-for internet service.

Reminder – DTK Condos is located at 60 Frederick St, Kitchener, ON. Postal Code: N2H 2L7.

This information is also included towards the end of your lease agreement.

Elevator Scheduling

Hello From DTK and Hello Management!

With there being a limited number of elevators available, and so many new Tenants, our office must limit elevator access to just 2-hours per suite.

Elevator times can be scheduled within specified hours available on the provided scheduling software links emailed to each Tenant.  Scheduling will be completed by using Koalendar (example image on this page). Koalendar bookings can also sync with your google or apple calendars for helpful reminders.

Typically elevator times will be reserved 8-hours per day by our office to assist new Tenants moving into their suites.

The building does include a total of four elevators.
This fourth elevator will not be placed on service or used for new Tenants moving into the building. Rather, this fourth elevator will be used for all others living and working within the building so that all current Tenants may also use an elevator when entering / exiting the building.

This fourth elevator may also be occasionally used by maintenance staff or the builder’s staff. Please be mindful of such contractors and their tools should the elevators be used by these members from time to time.

Tenants who are not able to schedule their move-in within the provided time slots, or who cannot complete their move-in within the provided time slots, may use the elevators either before or after others have completed their scheduled move-in times for that day.

We cannot permit the scheduling of multiple or longer time slots per suite. Should multiple time slots be scheduled by a Tenant, our office will remove the additional scheduled times to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to move items into their suite.

Tenants are free and able to collect keys and access their suite as early as their lease start date. Tenants may have a lease start date that is earlier than their elevator time. Tenants can use elevators outside of the daily 8-hour period of time, where others have reserved elevator times, to items into their suite as needed. Tenants may then choose to wait until their scheduled elevator time to move-in larger objects, but again, still occupy their suite before their scheduled elevator time for these larger items.

About Your Suite

1. Blinds And Window Coverings

New Tenants of DTK Condos should take note that a majority of suites do not include blinds or window coverings and that these items are not included within the lease agreement. 

Tenants who would like to include blinds or window coverings can submit a request using the work request submission form located on the Resident Services page of the DTK Condos website. 

The Tenant’s request will be reviewed by the Hello Management office and then forwarded to the Suite Owner with our suggestions. The Suite Owner will then be able to decide on if, how and at what cost they may include window coverings for the Tenant. Suite Owners may choose to not include window coverings and insist the Tenant provide their own window coverings. 

In such situations where the Suite Owner requests the Tenants source their own window coverings, Hello Management will then provide a list of local vendors to the Tenant for their review. All window coverings must be white and uniform with all other window coverings used at this location. Suggested vendors will be provided to Tenants. 

2. Water Alarms

Water alarms offer dependable protection notifying you if there is a broken water pipe, water heater leak, laundry tub spill over or washing machine overflow.

These are easy to use by placing on the floor or hanging and placing the sensor wherever there is a risk of water damage.

3. Smart Home Package

All suites will be equipped with smart home technology pre-installed. These packages include:

  • Smart Lock
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Light Switches

4. Appliances

Each suite will include all major appliances in stainless steel including: 

  • Fridge included 
  • Stove included
  • Microwave included
  • Dishwasher included
  • Washer / Dryer included

What To Do If You’re Locked Out OF Your Suite

There is nothing worse than forgetting your keys or being locked out of your suite. Luckily, DTK Tenants have two unique options when these accidents happen. 

Alfred Locks
All DTK Condos include a smart Alfred branded lock. We encourage all Tenants to please review the Alfred user manual included within their lease agreement to create their own unique keyless door code as well as program their mobile device to lock and unlock their door remotely. 

The Concierge
If you’ve locked yourself out, lost your keys, forgotten your keyless door code and lost your phone, then we encourage you to please visit the concierge located in the building lobby. 

The concierge will be able to assist in unlocking your door once they have confirmed your identity. 

First Month Rent Payments

Hello From DTK and Hello Management! 

The Hello Management Office has experienced some minor delays in completing the Tenant Online Payment Portal offered through RentCafe. 

Our office will provide an update to all new Tenants once this service is active. This webpage will also be updated once this service is active. Should this service not be arranged by the end of October 2022, then our office will begin to contact Tenants and receive permission to transact their first months rent amount through either direct debit or credit card forms. 


It’s important that all future Tenants complete payment for their first month of rent. Many new Tenants / Applicants have paid their last month rent deposit and key deposits, but as a friendly reminder – first month rent is due no later than the date you collect your keys. 

Review the steps below to learn more about paying your first month rent amount online through your new Tenant Portal – RentCafe

Step 1

Login to RentCafe by using your email and password 

The email MUST be the same as the email you provided when signing your lease. If you are in a 2-bedroom suite, then this will be the email used by the primary lease holder (normally the first person listed on the lease in room 1) 

Step 2

Under the ‘Payments” tab, select PAY NOW

Please make sure you first register a payment account or debit card with RentCafe

Step 3

Remember to make sure you have enough funds in your account to complete the payment. If you do not have enough in your account, you may receive an NSF fee and have to complete the payment again in the future. 

To make a payment with a bank account, there is a $0.95 fee per transaction.

To make a payment with a debit card, there is a 0.75% service fee per transaction.

To make a payment with a credit card, there is a 1.175% service fee per transaction.

All transaction fees are collected by RentCafe and are not provided to Hello Management. 

Please click the box stating you accept the payment and then click ‘Submit Payment’ 


Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email from RentCafe. 

Please send or forward this confirmation email to 

Please specify your suite number within the forwarded message. 

– Thank you!