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How To Collect Keys

Hello From DTK and Hello Management! 

Please review the steps included below to learn how to collect keys on your move-in day. 

Reminder – please remember to pay for your first month rent before your move-in day. Also, please remember to schedule your elevator time before your move-in day. We will not be able to provide elevator access to those who did not schedule elevator times. 

Step 1

On your move-in day, you will be able to enter the above ground parking lot. The entrance is facing Frederick Street.

Step 2

If you arrive a little before your move-in time, please park your vehicle in either of the 2 available parking spots highlighted red on this image. 

Limit 1-vehicle per suite. 
Please keep in mind that there may be a total of Three Tenants moving into their suite at the same time. We are limited in providing only 2 parking spots for those who are waiting to collect keys. On-site staff will be there to assist as needed should questions or requests occur related to parking on your move-in day. 

Step 3

When your move-in / elevator time begins, a Hello Management Staff Member will instruct you to move your vehicle from one of the two available waiting parking spots to one of three available unloading spots. These are marked orange

It is important that you please wait for one of these three spots to become available before you begin unloading your vehicle. 

Step 4

Once parked in the unloading area, you can then enter the building lobby through the building back entrance. 

You can then collect your suite keys and check-in at the staff desk in the lobby marked green

Please have your photo-ID ready. 

Step 5

When you receive your keys and check-in at the desk you will be assigned one of three elevators marked blue.  

Each Tenant will be provided an elevator key to place their assigned elevator on service. You can then use this assigned elevator to begin moving in your items. 

Elevators will be recalled and brought back to the ground floor by on-site staff once your move-in time has expired. 

When your time has expired, or you no longer require use of the elevators, you can return the key to the on-site staff located in the main lobby. 

Tenants who lose the elevator key will have the cost of the elevator key deducted from their provided key deposit. Key deposits will then need to be repaid in full by the Tenant. Elevator keys are valued at $200 each.