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We are overjoyed to have you living with Hello Management at DTK Condos. Please review the information provided on this webpage for important information relating to your DTK Condo suite and Hello Management Inc.

Review Tenant Profile

RentCafe is a service offered to all Tenants of DTK Condos. 

RentCafe provides each Tenants with an online portal where the Tenant can complete monthly rent payments and view receipts. 

RentCafe can be accessed online through the Resident Services page located on the DTK Condos website, but can also be downloaded as an application to your mobile device. 

To Register – you will need to enter your name and email address as it appears on your lease agreement. 

More information can also be found Here

Deficiency Report

Its best to complete your move-in deficiency report within 7-days of moving into your DTK condo. 

The deficiency report can be located Here

Staff will review emergency items and can assist with these items as soon as possible. Non-emergency items will be submitted by our office directly to your Suite Owner for their review. Our office will not be able to complete a non-emergency repair without first receiving approval from your specific Suite Owner. 

Keep in mind that this is a brand new condo. There will be very few items which you find have to be included on your deficiency report.

Though your suite may be in very good or perfect condition, we still recommend Tenants complete a report to document the condition of the suite when they move-in. This way these reports can be later referenced on a Tenant’s move-out day and the Tenant may provide a clear report on the condition of the suite at that time.